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About Us

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Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church is a church that is Bible believing, Christ centered, and traditional in faith and practice. Our mission is simply to share God’s love and grace in Christ Jesus. We believe that we share this love and grace through God’s invaluable means of grace – His true Word and blessed Sacraments. We are uniquely called to this mission in the growing area of Northern Mississippi. In an area where churches are numerous, we stand out as a traditional Lutheran congregation proud of our identity. We believe that our Christ centered faith which is based on Scripture alone and is ancient in belief and practice is relevant for today and exactly what our contemporary world needs.

Beautiful Savior is currently in the process of “replanting” meaning that we are renewing our understanding of our identity, renewing our focus on the mission of Christ, and seeking to grow both in size and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus. While this might mean that Beautiful Savior doesn’t have all the amenities of a large established congregation, it is the opportunity for you to be a part of something amazing and authentic that the Lord is doing here. 

When you come to Beautiful Savior, you’ll find a community of friendly and loving members who are enlivened by the love of Christ working in them. You’ll find a growing congregation. You’ll find Bible studies that seek to teach the depth and breadth of the Holy Scriptures and the whole counsel of God. You’ll find worship that glorifies our Lord with hymns, creeds, prayers, and Christ-centered sermons. In short, when you come to Beautiful Savior, you’ll find Christ.

If you or someone you know in our area needs the love and grace of Christ Jesus, feel free to connect with us. Come to Beautiful Savior and find exactly what you need.

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