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Agnus Dei Homeschool Academy

A Classical Christian Homeschooling Community

Agnus Dei Homeschool Academy is a homeschool co-op run by Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church - Olive Branch, MS. We are a place for local homeschoolers to gather as a community to grow and learn together. We focus on a Classical Christian approach to education. We are proudly Lutheran although students do not need to be Lutheran to attend. At Agnus Dei, parents are still fully in control of their child's education. Your homeschooling family is welcome no matter what curriculum you use at home. The supplements to homeschooling we focus on at Agnus Dei are especially Bible, Religion, Latin, and Greek. However, we exist as a community that will help to teach and learn any subject that parents and children are passionate about from piano to calculus to gardening. The community will also plan field trips and other group outings together. Agnus Dei exists to help parents in their God-given task to "raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord" as we "bear one another's burdens" and grow in the riches of Christ's abundant grace together.


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ADHA is open to all homeschooling families upon application approval and upon remaining in accordance with the ADHA handbook.

Daily Structure

Each day at ADHA will be structured according to the following three part schedule: 1) A morning prayer worship service 2) Group learning and memory work 3) Parent-led small group or individual work

When and Where

ADHA plans to meet from 9 AM to 12 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the "school year". We meet at Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church (7630 Davidson Rd. Olive Branch, MS 38654).


  • Active Members of Beautiful Savior and of sister LCMS churches attend for FREE.

  • The cost per non-LCMS student per year is $300.

  • This money pays for the associated costs and materials of Agnus Dei. Any extra money supports the ministry of Beautiful Savior.

  • Tuition can be paid here.

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Find what you're looking for at Agnus Dei:

Classical Education
Traditional Values
Conservative Morals
The True, Good, and Beautiful
Rich Western Culture

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